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Wondering About Product Market Fit

Been wondering about the product market fit process relaying on my observations and experience from the last few years. Tough it always feels like it is an organic and natural process I believe that it should be approached with a planned methodology.

So here are few points that in my opinion has to be included in a product market fit methodology:

Target Your Customer:

Understand who your customer is. Dive in his everyday work process.That will help you to define in a best way the profile of your customer.

Understand Customer’s Problem:

It is important not to forget that our product’s purpose is to serve the customer and solve his problem in the best way. He doesn't really care about the product but he does care about his problems.

Be Agile:

It is related mostly to engineers among us. Do not develop feelings for your code. Cause you can discover the next day that the feature that you developed and worked hard is not relevant anymore.

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