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Why Engineers Must Sell

A small piece of conversation that I had with a potential client on a conference presenting a product:

Potential Client: What is your role at the company?

Me: Backend Engineer.

Potential Client: And what are you doing here?

Me: Selling.

We laughed 🙂

The ice is broken, and the rest is history.

From the beginning of my career I was in a technical position, but as long as you work in a start-up you have the opportunity to discover that you have more than one specific skill (I believe it is important for employers especially at early stage start-ups). So I found myself flying to clients, listening to their needs and helping them to use the product in the best and in the most effective way. That was not hard as long as I took part in the development of the features and was familiar with the bugs and technical aspects of the product I was talking about.

This meaningful experience made me think about how selling experience of an engineer affects the company's activity.

Affect On The Product

It is important to say that customers are not looking for a technical masterpiece but for a product which gives a better answer to their pain. An engineer who understands the needs of the customer will be more willing to create a product which customers love. 

Affect On The Team

A good salesperson first of all knows how to listen, so on a partner with whom you work. An engineer with a good sales experience record, would be an easy person to collaborate with.

In addition to all that I mentioned before, I must say that meeting the client and see how he uses the product that I was part of the team that worked on it. Is a very fulfilling and exciting moment. Which drives me to continue and work hard every day.

Hope you enjoyed..

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